Who you think should be REALTOR® of the Year?

I know that you all hear about the REALTOR® of the Year briefly each year but sometimes I wonder if you have really thought about what it is, or what it means. 

In keeping with the goals and purpose of us being REALTORS®, and not just licensed agents, the honor of being chosen REALTOR® of the Year (aka ROTY), points to a REALTOR® who goes a step beyond just selling property. This agent presents themselves within their business and beyond with the integrity, care and concern that exemplifies the Code of Ethics at it’s best. At the end of the day, it’s the Code of Ethics that sets us apart from all the other real estate agents who are not REALTORS®.

When you stop and consider the agents you work within our board, who strikes you as someone who does their job in a way the tells the public and other agents that ethical practices are an added value to working with a REALTOR®. This person is also likely to be a person who is involved in their community and contributes in a way that shows the REALTOR® spirit in having a positive impact around us both within our organization and our community. 

Sometimes I think our general membership feels as though there is a secret club among the Board of REALTORS® Directors and the ROTY is exclusive to them. This is absolutely not the case. Please take a few minutes to consider your dealings with your peers and ask yourself if you know of a good candidate. The application may seem a little daunting, but remember that we are choosing a candidate among our peers for the reasons above. Their resume on the application may apply heavily, or it may not. Just feel free to nominate that person and tell us why you think they are deserving. We’ll worry about the details on the application when we send it on to the state level.

Please return all your nominations along with any questions or curiosities to me.

Lori McKinney