Meet Nick Shurte



Nick became a licensed REALTOR®️ just a little over a year ago.


Nick started his Real Estate career in October 2017 by becoming a licensed agent in Oregon. Nick couldn’t handle just being an Oregon agent so he went to work right away to obtain his Idaho License. Nick earned his Idaho License just 8 months later in June of 2018.




When it comes to Real Estate, Nick isn’t a total stranger. You see, Nick’s Grandmother, Barb Hutchinson is also a dual licensed agent in Idaho and Oregon.


If you ask Nick why he chose a career in Real Estate, he proudly will tell you “I love meeting new people on a daily basis.” Nick goes on to also state “I am excited with the opportunities that a Real Estate career can provide to young entrepreneurs like myself.” Nick stated that one of his favorite things about Real Estate so far, is getting to set his own schedule.


When Nick isn’t working on selling Real Estate, you might find him volunteering time for the 2nd Chance Animal Shelter, a local non-profit organization providing the Treasure Valley with animal rescue related services via their relocation and training programs, as well as a donation-based thrift store, The Thrift Shop located in Ontario.


You might think between Real Estate and volunteering for 2nd Chance Animal Shelter Nick would have a full plate, but that doesn’t stop Nick from being a member of the Urban Renewal Board in his hometown of Payette, Idaho. As an appointed official of the board, they oversee and promote city projects that seek to achieve economic development and expedite community revitalization.


Nick Surte with his upright bass


Nick doesn’t stop there. He is very heavily involved in our Valleys musical community. Nick continues to this day continuing that commitment by performing at local venues or for events around town. You might catch him with an upright bass in his hands or the strings of his guitar strumming through his fingers.



Nick’s love of music and this community is so strong, that he can’t help but share and want to spread it with anyone who desires to have their musical fire lit inside them. He even provides musical instruction to local students.


And if all of this isn’t enough, you can find Nick recharging his soul by using his love for exercise and his drive of a competitive spirit down at Hips & Grips, a local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy, where he is an active member. Recently Nick was presented with his Blue Belt on December 03, 2018.


Picture above is Nick Shurte along side good friend Jeremy Calhoun who awarded Nick with his Blue Belt on December 03, 2018.

Earning my Blue Belt may not mean much to any of you, but to me it means hours of hard work and also knowing that I can choke someone unconscious with their jacket.

Nick Shurte – December 03, 2018

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