Attention Oregon REALTORS

The people of Oregon spoke in 2012 when they passed Measure 79, which amended the state constitution prohibiting tax, fee or other assessment upon the transfer of any interest in real property, or measured by the consideration paid or received upon the transfer of any interest in real property.

Governor Brown is now proposing an amendment to the Oregon Constitution through House Joint Resolution 203; authorizing new state real property transfer charge or increase in rate of existing state real property transfer charge if state law imposing charge or increase provides for exemption of first $500,000 of taxable value of real property and revenue is used exclusively to fund or finance affordable housing in this state.

Oregon Realtors® do not support reauthorizing a state real estate property transfer tax. Oregon Realtors® believe additional taxes imposed on current and future homeowners will only make our housing crisis worse and will further drive the dream of homeownership out of reach for Oregonians.

The fact is Oregonians already pay significant property taxes for services in their communities, and adding an additional tax on homeowners would be unfair. As we see every day, achieving the American Dream of homeownership is becoming more and more difficult, and adding on multiple layers of additional taxes on homes will put the dream further out of reach.