To help in accomplishing the mission of Four Rivers Association of REALTORS®, we rely on you, our members, along with your experience and expertise, to serve on our various committees and advisory groups.

Our members help us plan programs, events, and outreach activities, based on what’s happening in our local counties and the current market.

Browse the descriptions to learn about each available group. If you are interested, please apply to serve on a committee by filling out the application at the end of the committee list.

Special notes regarding FRAOR committee appointments:
  • There are no automatic re-appointments to committees, nor does FRAOR have an automatic succession plan from committee Vice-Chair to Chair or committee Chair to Past Chair or member (as there is no official past chair position). All members interested in continuing their service on a committee MUST apply or be nominated to be considered.
  • For those applications received throughout the year (at new member orientation, events, online via general interest form, etc.), FRAOR staff will enter them into the online application system. These applications will be reviewed after applications/nominations are received through the End of the Year call for committees. Every effort will be made to place all members interested in serving.
  • Committee applications or nominations received throughout the year may be considered for open positions, task forces, or volunteer projects by the President, President-Elect, and Committee Chair and Vice-Chair, when appropriate.
  • Members who have two (2) consecutive, unexcused absences from their committee meetings may be removed from the roster for the remainder of the year. This is done to ensure quorums are met, especially for smaller committees, and to provide opportunities for new members interested and able to serve.

Have questions about serving? Contact your association office at (208) 207-5767.

Click on Each of the Committee Titles Below to Learn More About Each Committee and see those currently serving.