Every Vote Counts. Will YOU Take The Pledge?

Posted On September 25, 2018

September 25 —
National Voter Registration Day

Did you know over 15% of REALTORS® are NOT Registered to Vote?


Take the Pledge and make sure you are registered to vote or update your voter registration information.

“An astounding 74 percent of Realtors® cast a vote in the 2016 national election. While that number certainly outpaces that of the general population, it is critical that the voices of even more Realtors® and consumers who care about home ownership and real estate investment are heard this Election Day. Improving upon the 85 percent of Realtors® currently registered could add nearly 200,000 voters to rolls across the country, and would guarantee the issues that matter most to the real estate industry remain a priority for America’s lawmakers. On September 25, NAR is urging all of our members – and every eligible adult in America – to ensure they are registered to vote this November.”


Register, Update your Registration and TAKE THE PLEDGE

Written by Dallas Tschida

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